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We have a cat (Little Bear) and a black lab (Blackie). We recently only had two cats, Buttercup and Little Bear. We got Buttercup when she was about seven years old. She had been abandoned as a kitten and our neighbor adopted her. When our neighbor moved in 1997, we fed and took care of her. Six months later we moved and put Buttercup in our new house and she was a house cat ever since and loved every minute of it! She was 14 years old.

Little Bear was born in Maryland about the same time Buttercup was born in Virginia. Friends of Barbara's mother picked Little Bear from a litter and gave her to Mom. In 1997 we moved Mom to Virginia with us and of course Little Bear came along. The summer of 2003 we lost Mom to a stroke, so of course we inherited Little Bear. She has finally accepted us as her "parents".

On September 8, 2004 we lost Buttercup. She had tongue cancer and finally got to where she couldn't maneuver her tongue to eat, so we spoon fed her with an infant spoon for about a month until the cancer got so bad she couldn't swallow. On the afternoon of September 8 we buried her in our yard and planted a yellow rose bush over her grave site.

Within two hours of that ceremony, a black lab showed up. We ignored him for a couple of days, but he continued to hang out in our yard and sleep in our garage (which is really a carport closed in on three sides). We finally gave him water and he continued to hang around. So we went to the store and bought some dog food. Turned out that our neighbor had been feeding him, so he wasn't as hungry as we thought he should have been. We tried everything we could think of to find his owner with no results. It was obvious he had belonged to someone as he was neutered and was wearing a collar, but no identification of any kind. A couple of weeks later we left town for five days and we told ourselves if he was still here when we returned we would take him to the vet and have him checked out.

When we got back he was still here and was so glad to see us. So we took him to the vet and had him vaccinated. The vet estimates him to be six years old, 3/4 lab, 1/8 shephard and 1/8 "who knows what". Unfortunately the vet found he had heartworms. By then we were hooked on him, so decided to undergo the heartworm treatment. At this point that was six weeks ago and he seems to be doing great so far. He absolutely loves to go for rides, so we take him with us quite frequently in the van. We recently took him on a five day trip to Maryland. He is a fantastic traveler and loved every minute of it.

Little Bear

Little Bear (RIP)

Buttercup (RIP)
Buttercup (RIP)

Blackie (RIP)

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