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Here you'll learn all about us, our interests and hobbies, our pets, pictures of our area and more, especially our Iditarod trips.

What's New?

Here we'll add an entry whenever we make an update to our web site. Where appropriate, we'll include a link to the change.

10/12/08 - Added some more pictures under the "Our Tennessee Pictures" tab. We had uploaded September pictures earlier, so the new ones are under the Sept tab. The new ones are May 2008 and Mar-Apr 2008

Note that the times for the pictures are EST therefore to get the actual time the picture was taken in Alaska, you need to subtract four hours from the listed time. Also note that our intention is to update this webpage every month, so you can automatically check back after the first of each month to catch the new updates.

Nome Airport in March 2003

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to our site.

Last updated on 12 October 2008

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